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Last Updated November 27, 2020

Hey it's Dan, as a parent of a 15 year old multi-sport athlete I always struggled with fundraising. I don't know if you can relate but I always felt uncomfortable asking friends and family to purchase frozen pizzas and soggy subs that I knew would taste bad. I didn't like asking people to purchase raffle tickets for items they didn't want or care about, let alone all the other stuff we sold just to raise funds! However, I knew we needed to do it and sometimes I just ended up digging into my pocket and buying all the stuff myself.

Jeff and I often talked about all the costs associated with running a successful organization and making it a great experience for the kids. We knew no matter how much people hated selling stuff they would do it anyway because it had to be done. It's not just the youth organizations it's at the high school and college level too!

After talking with Jeff, his business partner and friend, they knew there had to be a better solution for youth organizations to raise funds and All-Star Saver was created. 

Jeff Gergic

Jeff has over a 30-year successful track record coaching baseball from Little League to the Division 1 college levels. He has also built major organizations through the direct sales industry and has helped countless people achieve financial security. 

His experience as a coach and home-based business professional has led him to help develop the All-Star Saver platform along with his partner.

He believes providing a free product and a free business opportunity can disrupt the fundraising industry as well as help create wealth for those that desire it. 

Dan Weinhofer

Dan is an entrepreneur and respected business leader. As an advertising executive and marketing consultant he's developed campaigns driving client revenue in excess of 200 million dollars. Dan's owned 2 national franchises, several traditional businesses and has built large organizations within the direct sales industry.

His desire to be involved with his son's sports lead him to league treasurer where he discovered the huge financial needs to run a successful organization. Dan realized fundraising wasn't an option it was a necessity.  

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